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The partners, Mary Dooley and Chris Lynch met at U.C. Berkeley’s College of Environmental Design when the education of architecture and design presented a contrast of ecological approaches and stylistic solutions. This debate helped strengthen the partner’s resolve and design mission – to create beautiful spaces for people in harmony with nature. Mary and Chris are joined by Chris Heath and Kristin Nichols.

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Spencer Dobrovolny has over 20 years of experience in the residential renovation industry. SDC Built focuses on high performance building technology and application. They are craftspeople that take pride in their work. They value collaboration, respect, and believe in providing an elevated customer experience and quality finished product.


Marianne Willson’s work at ZFA focuses primarily on custom residential projects. She brings specific expertise in the myriad details of reviewing and retrofitting existing structures utilizing ASCE 41, the national standard for evaluation and retrofit of existing buildings


Graham Irwin, AIA, is the principal of Essential Habitat Architecture, a firm dedicated to architecture for the future of California. Since 2008 he's been working at the forefront of high-performance home design, creating “Essential Habitat for People” - spaces and places where people can thrive, in harmony with nature.

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